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From the nomad to the winemaker: the master of reincarnation!

Everyone thinks that he or she can live only one life. However, how do you like to try a few? During our excursion you will feel like a nomad, a monk and an artist, and at the end of the tour — even a winemaker, so you will be able to taste homemade wine. What is more, if you want to try someone else’s life, you don’t have to go far from Moscow!

Are you ready to take a risk?

You will visit the camp of nomads: see their way of life, feed the camels, and taste the dishes of nomads in a yurt.

Then we will go to Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery, where we will see ancient churches, learn how the nuns live, visit the museum and will be able to worship the relics of Cyril and Mary — the parents of Sergei Radonezhsky.

We will visit Abramtsevo museum-reserve which is the favourite placeof Russian artists. Repin and Vasnetsov, Polenov and Korovin, Levitan and Vrubel — all these geniuses created their great works here!

If you want, we can offer tasting of wines prepared with the use of wild yeast! Drinks in the distillery are made according to old technologies and require a lot of scrupulous manual labor, which guarantees excellent quality.

Order an excursion, and you can experience the magic of reincarnations even tomorrow!