Anna Petukhova, English-speaking tour guide of WorldGid.ru

Hello, I am Anna, a guide in Moscow and fifth-generation Muscovite. I want to show you how diverse Moscow really is!

We will visit the main attractions and go through Moscow streets full of mystery. I’ll tell you how to bargain effectively and show the glamorous night life of the capital. We’ll study the masterpieces of past centuries and dip into the Moscow future. Children will also like Moscow!

History is my passion, telling stories is my hobby, making my narration interesting and exciting is a must. I’ll be happy to introduce you to the most beautiful cities in Russia and its highlights with a personal touch.

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First point

If you are a woman, remember to pack a head covering so you can enter churches respectfully.

Second point

Want to find unusual souvenirs? Old communist factories are a great place to buy something peculiar.

Third point

Feel the atmosphere of Soviet dream at VDNKh, the museum-like metro, the depths of the Soviet system at Bunker-42 Cold War Museum and much more.

Fourth point

Moscow nightlife is famous for its first class, glamorous clubs full of gorgeous girls and classy gentlemen.

Fifth point

Moscow delights its tourists and citizens with numerous opportunities to sample diverse and tasty foods.

Sixth point

Pedestrian streets such as Arbat and Kuznetsky most are hotspots for drinks – don’t miss it!